A Hub For Budding Nurses

The Budding Nurses is a Community for young and student nurses. It’s goal is to help student nurses maximaze their potentials.

The goal of this project is to create a website where members could access educational and inspirational article, trending news and update, submit and publish members’ articles and for new community member to register.

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Budding Nurses Community


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Wordpress X CSS

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Gentry Stack

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“I engaged the services of John Afolabe to help with our brand website. It’s so exciting to see how he brought our wishes to life. Having seen his previous works, I had no doubt he would do a good job and he truly delivered. He is very patient, fexible and very responsive. I highly recommend him to handle your company’s needs.”



This resulted into a features packed website which includes, a place where members can submit and publish their article, a join us page for new members to sign up and a blog section. Other pages include the about us and contact page.
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Join Us Page

On this page new members of the club can sign up.
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Submit Article Page

Here, members can submit article to be publish on the blog section after admin approval. It is useful to know that the admin can vet and approve or disapproval post before allowing it go live on the website.
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